Club 50 +


WEEKS CLASSES PRICE – € (per person)
4/8 students, 4 classes/day, 1 teacher

Our CLUB 50+ programme is an interesting and fun experience of “full immersion” in the Italian region of Marche designed for students over 50s. It perfectly combines an Italian language course with a cultural programme.
This Seniors programme is flexible and available at all levels, from Beginner to Advanced. Classes are tailored on the basis of the cultural interests of our students.
By using appropriate teaching materials and methods, our teachers create a relaxing and friendly atmosphere in the classroom in order to make learning more enjoyable. Afternoon activities include guided tours, regional cooking classes as well as lecture classes given by some experts in the fields of music history and art history.

Proposed length: 2 weeks (40 classes)


1 20 380
2 40 695
3 60 950
4 80 1200