Entry fee: EUR 60

This amount covers:

  • Placement test and certificate of attendance;
  • School kit (bag, notebook, pencil, rubber and pencil sharpener), the use of textbooks (optional purchase), additional lecture notes and further teaching materials;
  • Accommodation service;
  • Optional afternoon activities: tour guides to visit many different places such as the local museums, outlet stores of some of the most famous made in Italy brands, the Sibillini National Park and the most relevant cultural heritage sites at regional level;
  • Conferences and screening of films.

Terms of enrolment and payment

The application form and the proof of payment of the registration fee amounting to EUR 60,00 (sixty Euros) must be submitted to the school no later than 3 weeks before the course start date by mail or electronic means (fax or email). The entry fee is not a deposit.

Payment of the registration fee (EUR 60,00) may be made by means of:

  • International Money Order payable to:

ITALIANO E Co. – Via Garibaldi, 77 – 62100 Macerata

  • Bank Transfer to:

Banca della Provincia di Macerata – Agenzia 1 di Macerata



IBAN: IT49T033171340100001010355

Students are expected to pay any bank charges.

We do not accept credit cards.

In case of withdrawal the entry fee will not be refunded. The first day of class, students are expected to pay the fee for the course of their choosing at the student office of ITALIANO E Co. and will not be refunded. The amount is not repayable even for students who enroll in a course after the class start date or for those who want to withdraw from it before the end of the term.

Students may need to provide a certificate of registration to the Italian diplomatic authorities of their Countries in order to obtain an entry visa. In this case, the full payment of the course is required in addition to the registration fee.

Download the application-form-eng